Applied Research

I founded the research division of TipTap Inc, where I am the Vice President of Research. At its core, TipTap is a psychometrics company, and we apply psychological methods and theory to better understand human behavior and decision-making. I have played a central role in shaping every aspect of what we have done from the company's founding, and I have been the leader of our research team from the outset. In this role, I developed patent-pending research methods to bring sophisticated psychometric measurements online, and to apply these measurements towards understanding motivations for different behaviors. Specifically, I pioneered a method for creating image-based scales that people can click through to measure many different kinds of psychological traits, and found that connecting these measurements with people's behavior provides insight into the motivations that drove specific decisions and behaviors (motivations that people are often unaware of, and struggle to self-report). We recently expanded this approach to assess psychological profiles from publicly available data (e.g., someone's Twitter feed), and use these measurements in our revolutionary new analytics system, MotiveMetrics. I outline our approach on the company's blog, and in a series of guest blog posts that can be found here, here, and here.

I am also an advisor and stake-holding partner at Signet Education. I joined Signet shortly after its founding, and developed courses to prepare students for physics, organic chemistry, and the GRE. In this role, I developed substantial curriculum materials, and have tutored many students in psychology, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, GRE preparation, and I have helped many students with the graduate school admission process. Course materials, and videos of my teaching can be found here.

Educational Materials